Faculty Handbook



University Senate Standing Committees

University Senate Constitution


University Senate Bylaws
Nominations and Elections Committee Bylaws


University Senate Standing Committees


Academic Leave Committee
Admissions Committee
Assessment Committee

Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum &            Academic Standards
Committee on Distance Education
Committee on General Education
Educational Achievement and Access Program
Faculty Development and Recognition Committee

Graduate Council
Information Technology Committee
Media & Library Services Policy Committee
Mediation Committee
Promotion & Tenure Committee
Research & Development Committee
Student Life Committee
Termination Hearing Committee
University Planning & Budgeting Committee
Committee on Physical Working Conditions

Standing Committees of Schools


Ancell School of Business
Arts and Sciences

Professional Studies
Visual and Performing Arts

Other Required Committees


Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
Institutional Review Board

Parking Appeals

Affiliations, Centers, and Programs


Center for Business Research
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Center for Financial Forensics and Information Security
Center for Galactic Astronomy
Center for Graphics Research
Center for the Study of Culture and Values

Institute for Financial Literacy
Institute for Holistic Health
Western International Center
Jane Goodall Institute
Meteorological Studies and Weather
Westside Nature Preserve Center

Strategic Planning Process


Definition and Recognition of Base Units
Procedures for Recognizing Base Units
Role of Governance and Strategic Planning
Definition of a Strategic Plan

Role of the University Planning and Budgeting Committee (UPBC) Strategic Planning Process


Senate Approval R-01-11-03
Administrative Approval 1/3/02



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