Faculty Handbook


CSU Professorships*

The Board (of Trustees), upon the recommendation of (the campus) President and the Connecticut State University President, may award (faculty) members the title CSU Professor, provided that the member has been:

  1. Recommended for the honor by the President who has received the advice of a committee elected from the membership by a procedure designed by the Senate and approved by the President;
  2. Recognized by peers in the field for professional excellence.

CSU Professors shall retain their title for the duration of their service to the system and shall receive additional compensation at a rate 1.10 times their regular salaries.

Not more than four (4) CSU Professorships shall be awarded in any given year, and there shall not be more than twelve (12) in the Connecticut State University at any given time.

A subcommittee of the Promotion and Tenure Committee will be responsible for making recommendations to the President for CSU Professorship. The subcommittee will follow the Procedures adopted by the Senate by resolution (R89-12-8). The subcommittee will consist of five members, one of whom shall be elected Chair by the members of the subcommittee. The members of the subcommittee shall be elected by the members of the Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Senate Approval:  Sept. 26, 1990 (R90-9-2)
Admin. Approval:  Sept. 28, 1990

*See Article 5.6, Collective Bargaining Agreement between Connecticut State University AAUP and the Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University System.

Procedures for Nomination and Selection of CSU Professor

I. Announce That Applications Are Being Accepted

The Senate President shall place a notice in the WestConn Report at the beginning of the Fall Semester announcing that applications for the CSU Professorship are being accepted. Applications should be sent to the chair of the designated committee, and the deadline for the applications, along with supporting material, shall be November 1st.

II. Application Letter And Supporting Materials

Applicants must write a letter declaring their intention to be considered for a CSU Professorship and explaining why they are suitable candidates for this honor. With the letter, applicants must include the following:

A.  A current curriculum vitae;

B.  Copies of professional publications or reviews of creative works, which will be returned after the Committee’s deliberations;

C.  Outside letters of recommendation;

D.  Evidence of activities/recognition/honors from professional groups.

III. Criteria For Recommending Candidates For CSU Professorship To The President

A.  Substantial and continuing professional accomplishments as recognized by peers both within and outside the University; creative activity appropriate to one’s field, such as delivering papers at professional conferences, production/performance of artistic works, research and publications.

B.  A record of effective teaching which has guided a wide range of students over a long period of time.

C.  Evidence of application of scholarly research to the classroom.

D.  An ability to make the candidate’s discipline intelligible to those who are non-specialists. A letter of application that indicates serious consideration on the part of the candidate of the meaning of CSU Professorship.

E.  Contributions to the general welfare of the University.

F.  Length of service to the University. (This criterion shall only be used to distinguish between candidates who are outstanding and otherwise equal.)

IV. Deliberations

The committee shall consider the extent and, as far as possible, the quality of the evidence presented.

V. Recommendation To The President

By December 1, the Committee shall submit no fewer than two (unless the President agrees to accept fewer than two names), but no more than three names to the President. However, if the Committee determines that there are more than three candidates who are equally qualified to be CSU Professors, the Committee may submit as many as five names to the President for his/her consideration and recommendation to the Board of Trustees. If the Committee determines that only one candidate at WCSU meets the qualifications for the CSU Professorship, then it may notify the President of this fact in writing and submit only one name to him/her. The President shall then consider the recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Each candidate shall be concurrently informed of the Committee’s decision on his/her individual candidacy.

VI. Report To The Senate

As part of its annual report to the Senate, the designated committee shall inform the Senate of the following:

A.  The number of persons who applied for the CSU Professorship;

B.  The number of names submitted to the President for consideration and recommendation;

C.  If possible, the name of the recipient for the current year.

Senate Approval:  Dec. 13, 1990 (R89-12-8)
Admin. Approval:  Jan. 8, 1990
Senate Approval:  Sept. 26, 1990 (R91-5-10)
Admin. Approval:  Sept. 28, 1990
Senate Approval:  May 1, 1991 (R91-10-7)
Admin Approval:  June 28, 1991; Nov. 1, 1991



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