Faculty Handbook

Internal Administrative Approval Form for External Grant Proposals

Project Title: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Project Director: Name, Title, Department, School: ___________________________________________________________
Funding Agency:_____________________________________________________________________________________

If other WCSU faculty are included on the project, please list the name(s), department(s), school(s). The chair must initial in the block after the department, and the dean must initial in the block after the school.

Name Dept. Chair School Dean

Please indicate if approval for any of the following will be required for the project. If cost sharing or matching funds are required, describe the provisions on an attached sheet.

a. Human Subjects b. Animal Subjects c. Reassigned Time d. Cost Sharing
/Matching Funds
Proposal due date: ________ Postmarked date: ____________ or Receipt date: _________ # of copies: ________
Project period: From _______ to _____________ Initial Budget :Period From: _________ to ________________
Are indirect costs allowed? ______________ If yes, percent: _________  
Direct Costs: ____________ Indirect Costs: ____________ Total Costs __________  
Approvals: Please sign and date where appropriate. If you wish to make additional comments or specify conditions, please put a check in the box following your signature and attach comments/conditions.
Department Chair:______________________________________________________________ Comments/Conditions
Dean:________________________________________________________________________ Comments/Conditions
Director of the Office of Sponsored Research Administrative Services: ______________________________________________________ Comments/Conditions
Other signatures as required: _____________________________________________________ Comments/Conditions
Provost & Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs:__________________________________________ Comments/Conditions
Vice President for Finance and Administration:_______________________________________ Comments/Conditions
Project Director’s Compliance Certification: In accepting external funds, WCSU assures compliance with all Federal Standards and policies in OMB Circulars and other regulatory directives regarding topics such as: Misconduct in Science; Drug-Free Workplace; Protection of Human Subjects in Research; Proper Care and Use of Animals in Research; Prohibition Against Lobbying Activities; Debarment and Suspension; and other issues mandated in the application materials. I certify that I understand the above information and will comply with these policies in performing any duties that might be assigned as a result of receiving grant/contract in response to the application now being made.
_____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________
Project Director Date

Rev. 6/2/05


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