Faculty Handbook

Enrollment Management Committee Bylaws

I. Objectives

A.  To provide a vehicle whereby faculty and students may have some involvement in the process of recruiting, admitting and retaining students.

B.  To provide a vehicle whereby the Office of Admissions can inform the other constituencies of the University of its functions and needs.

II. Areas Of Responsibility

A.  To develop, review and recommend to the University Senate and Administration policies which will govern enrollment management, i.e., admission, readmission and retention to the University.

B.  To develop, review and recommend to the University Senate and Administration policies that govern admission of transfer students.

C.  To advise the Director of Admissions on action in relation to the admission or readmission of students representing special problems.

III. membership

A.  Total membership: 10

    1. Six (6) general faculty members, for overlapping 3 year terms from each of the four schools and one from the Librarians/Counselors/Coaches group.

      a.  Four (4) one from each school, elected by the general faculty for overlapping three-year terms.

      b.  One (1) elected by the general faculty from the librarians/Counselors/Coaches group for an overlapping three-year term.

      c.  One (1) administratively appointed for overlapping three-year terms.

    2. Director of Admissions, ex officio.
    3. Enrollment Management Officer, ex officio
    4. Two (2) students selected by the SGA

IV. Conduct Of Business

A.  Meetings

    1. The first meeting of each academic year shall be convened by the previous year’s chairperson if that individual still serves on the committee. In his/her absence, the President of the University Senate will designate a committee member to convene the committee.
    2. A quorum shall consist of the members present at a regularly called meeting. Decisions are made by majority vote.
    3. Meetings are held at least once a month during the academic year. The chairperson may call meetings with at least two days notice.
    4. A call to meeting accompanied by an agenda is presented to committee members at least 2 days prior to each meeting.
    5. The committee operates under a modified form of parliamentary procedure.

B.  Officers

    1. The chairperson for the following year shall be elected by a majority vote at the May meeting of each year, after the election of new members and before commencement.
    2. The position of secretary shall be filled by each member in turn on an alphabetical rotating basis, unless otherwise agreed to by the committee.

C.  Reports

    1. The committee, through its chair, shall report all policy recommendations to the University Senate.
    2. The committee shall submit an annual report to the University Senate.
    3. Reports, suggestions, recommendations may be received from any member or group of the University constituency. Individuals may be invited to attend committee meetings to discuss items of mutual interest.

D.  Minutes

Minutes of all meetings shall be distributed to:

    1. All members of the committee.
    2. University Senate President.
    3. University Senate Archivist (two copies).
    4. Academic deans of the four (4) schools.
    5. All program directors.
    6. All department chairpersons.


V. Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting at which there is a quorum and the approval of the University Senate and the President of the University.

September 16, 1980
Revised:  Senate Approval R-03-02-04
Administrative Approval 4/22/03
Senate Approval:  Feb. 21, 2007 (R-07-02-09)
Admin. Approval 5/4/07


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