Among Our Students Graduating May 2009


Stephanie Bisson is graduating in May with her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in English Literature.  Working as the founding editor on Beyond the Margins, the student literary and art magazine of WCSU, was a truly memorable experience for Stephanie. After finishing her student teaching at Waterbury Arts Magnet School and graduation, she has plans to teach, go to graduate school, and travel the world in between. 


Jason Burger is an English Literature major graduating in May 2009. He enjoyed working as the co-founding editor of Beyond the Margins, the student literary and art magazine of WCSU. After graduating, he has plans to travel to India, go to graduate school, and continue working on his own prose and poetry.  He is doing an internship with W.W. Norton this summer.



Lisa Cantoni is a senior in the English Literature program.  She is an associate editor for the online student literary and art journal, Beyond the Margins, as well as a member of the university’s Honors Program, English Society, and National English Honors Society.  After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Lisa plans to pursue her Master’s and Ph. D in Literature, with aspirations to teach on the university level.


Sotheang Khieu is a senior majoring in English Literature here at Western Connecticut State University. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school and get her Master’s in English. She hopes to one day teach or work for a publishing company. She also enjoys watching movies, reading foreign novels, traveling, and has a love for sushi.


Sarah Murphy is a senior majoring in English Literature. After graduating in May 2009,  Sarah plans to continue her studies at graduate school, pursuing a Master’s of Science degree in publishing in New York City. As an undergraduate student, she helped found and published WCSU’s online student art and literary journal, Beyond the Margins, and continues to work part-time as an editorial assistant at Voices newspaper in Woodbury, CT. [Update: Sarah has been accepted by the graduate program in publishing by both Pace University and New York University)

Samantha Szygiel is an Elementary Education and English major graduating in May 2010. She enjoyed doing student observations and participating in the Education Club. After graduating, she plans to go to graduate school for her master’s and hopefully get a teaching position in an elementary school.



Una Leiper Thomson is an English Literature major graduating in May 2009.  A non-traditional student, she began her  studies on a part-time basis  and changed to full-time status when her two teenagers were in high school. After graduating, Una has plans to earn a Master’s degree in English Literature from WCSU, and will continue working on her first novel, Unveiling Lulu.


Other Pictures of Our Undergraduate Students








Una Leiper, Madeleine Hall, Sotheang Khieu, and Jason Burger at the Commencement on May 24, 2009.


The English Society theater trip to New York City to see
American Buffalo by David Mamet (November 15, 2008).