Secondary Education Admission and Degree Requirements:

All secondary education majors must:

  1. Maintain a 3.0 GPA at 30 credits to move from Pre-Education Secondary major status to official Secondary Education major status. This will be the designated by the Registrar’s Office on Banner.
  2. At 60 credits, if a candidate does not have at least a 3.0GPA, the candidate will be removed from the Education program and placed into the BS content area major. Candidates would need to reapply in their Junior year to the BS Secondary Education at a future date once the cumulative GPA is raised to the minimum 3.0.
  3. In the Spring semester of Junior year, at approximately 75 credits , apply online for the Professional Development Semester (PDS) and pass an interview with content area.  Students must have a 3.0 GPA and have passed PRAXIS I & II.
  4. Complete all general education course requirements (refer to specific program sheet and arts and sciences department section in this catalog) and free electives.
  5. All students enrolled in secondary education curricula (grade 7-12 certification) must fulfill the foreign language requirement.
  6. All students must have a Tk20 account and fingerprint clearance.
  7. Complete the arts and sciences departmental major course requirements (listed by majors below).
  8. Complete the professional education sequence including:

    Freshman Year/Pre-Professional Course Work and General Education Requirements

    * Writing Intensive Course (W)
    * PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
    *** HIS 149 American History Since 1877
    * COM 160 Speech Fundamentals or
    * COM 161 Decision Making in Groups or
    * COM 162 Interpersonal Communication
    * COM 163 Introduction to Communications

    Sophomore Year/Pre-Professional Education Course Work
    ** ED 206 Introduction to Education
    ** EPY 204 Adolescent Development In School
    ** HPX 215 Health Issues in Schools

    Fall of Senior Year/Professional Semester Education Course Work
    **ED 385 Methods of Teaching in the Secondary Schools
    **ED/BIO/CHE/ES/MAT/SPA/ENG/HIS/SS 386 Secondary Education Professional Development School Experience
    ** EPY 405 Introduction To Special Education
    ** ED 440 Integrating Language **ED/HIS/SS 441 Teaching History and Social Studies in Secondary Schools
    **ED/BIO/CHE/ES 442 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools
    **ED/ENG 447 Teaching English in Secondary Schools
    **ED/SPA 448 Teaching Spanish in Secondary Schools
    **ED/MAT 449 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools

    Senior Year/Student Teaching and Required Education Course Work
    ED/MED 340 Assessment of Teaching Strategies
    ED 342 Student Teaching for Secondary Education Majors

    Note: Field experience components require that students provide their own transportation to and from their assigned schools.

    A minimum of “C” grade is required.
    ** A minimum of “B” grade is required.
    ***Excluding history and social sciences programs.

    Refer to their specific requirements in this Undergraduate Catalog.

    **BIO 103, 104 General Biology I & II
    BIO 200 Ecology
    BIO 205 Animal Physiology
    BIO 207 Plant Physiology
    BIO 300 Cell Biology
    BIO 312 Genetics
    BIO 325 Evolutionary Biology
    BIO 360 Scientific Communication
    BIO 490 Senior Research
    CHE 110, 111 General Chemistry I & II (Placement exam required)
    CHE 210, 211 Organic Chemistry I & II


    CHE 110, 111 General Chemistry I & II (Placement exam required)
    CHE 205 Analytical Chemistry Lecture
    CHE 206 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
    CHE 210, 211 Organic Chemistry I & II
    CHE 250 Chemistry Seminar
    CHE 300, 301 Physical Chemistry I & II
    PHY 110, 111 General Physics I & II
    MAT 181, 182 Calculus I & II

    Senior presentation
    An approved math or upper level science elective

    Earth Science
    AST 150 General Astronomy
    ES 103 Planet Earth
    ES 110 Physical Geology
    ES 210 Introduction to Physical Oceanography
    MTR 150 Meteorology
    MTR/ENV 162 Air Pollution Sources
    One track option in astronomy, geology, or meteorology

    English:Teaching of Literature Option
    ENG 209 American Literature to 1865
    ENG 210 American Literature from 1865
    ENG 211 English Literature to 1798
    ENG 212 English Literature from 1798
    ENG 213 Classics of Western Literature
    ENG 276 English Language Skills
    ENG 307W Shakespeare I or ENG 308W Shakespeare II
    ENG 315 Critical Theory
    WRT 347W Teaching Writing in the Schools - High School
    ENG 430 Literature for Adolescents
    ENG 470 Senior Seminar
    One 300-level literature course
    One 400-level literature course
    Students must have an overall GPA of 2.67 or better in all English courses to satisfy the major requirements.

    History/Social Studies
    *ECO 101 Principles of Macroeconomics or
    *ECO 101 Principles of Microeconomics
    *GEO 100 Principles of World Geography
    HIS 186 Ancient and Medieval Europe
    HIS 187 Modern Europe
    HIS 148 American History: To 1877
    HIS 149 American History: Since 1877
    HIS 294 Introduction to Historical Research
    HIS 350 Reading in Historiography
    HIS 490 Senior Seminar
    *PS 102 American Government
    *PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
    Four upper level history courses
    *Two 100 level Non-Western Cultures courses

    CS 170 Computer Science I
    MAT/CS 165 Introductory Discrete Mathematics
    MAT 171 or 181, 182, 281
    Calculus I, II & III
    MAT 272 Introduction to Linear Algebra
    MAT 242 Foundations of Geometry
    MAT 342 Topics in Geometry
    MAT 416 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
    Three major mathematics courses from the department list (see major program sheet or math department section in this catalog).

    Social Sciences/History
    MAT 120 Elementary Statistics or both MAT 105 and 106 Fundamentals of Math I, II
    *PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
    *Any two non-western culture history courses (NWC label)
    HIS 148 American History: To 1877
    HIS 149 American History: Since 1877 HIS
    186 Europe: Pagan and Medieval
    HIS 187 Modern Europe

    Observing prerequisites, select one course from each of the four discipline labels listed (total of 12 semester hours):

    *ANT or SOC
    *SS 201 Researching Social Issues
    *SS 300 Social Sciences Research Seminar
    Select four courses (12 SH) at the 200-400 level from ANT, ECO, GEO, PS, OR SOC.
    * A minimum “C” grade is required.

    SPA 196 Lengua y Cultura I
    SPA 197 Lengua y Cultura II
    SPA 201 El mundo iberoamericano
    SPA 203 Conversación
    SPA 205 Traducción inversa
    SPA 207 Comentario de texto
    SPA 221 La civilización española
    SPA 230 El cuento
    SPA 231 El teatro española
    SPA 300 Advanced Composition and Syntax
    SPA 330,331 Autores representativos I & II
    SPA 400 Linguistics
  9. Students are not eligible for professional development semester education course work unless they have received acceptance by their department and the Secondary Education Coordinator into PDS.
  10. Student Teaching Requirements:
    During their last year, students enter the student teaching phase of the program. In order to register for student teaching, which is offered only during the spring semester, secondary education majors must present at least a 3.0 cumulative average for all courses taken in their academic and professional education course work. Students are advised not to register for other courses during the student teacher semester.

    Since secondary student teaching (ED 342) is offered only in the spring semester, applications (available at the Education Office, WS 249) must be approved by the secondary education coordinator of the appropriate arts and sciences department and by the chair of the education and educational psychology department. Applications must be filed in the Education Office by November 1. The student teaching requirement for secondary education majors consists of one full semester (70 contact days) of supervised teaching.

    During the student teaching semester, students must concurrently register for ED 340 and no other courses during the student teaching semester. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the school to which they are assigned for student teaching. Students earning less than a “P” grade in student teaching may be required to complete additional student teaching and/or course work before receiving a recommendation for graduation and certification. Students must present at least a 3.0 cumulative average in academic and professional required courses to graduate in the secondary education programs.
  11. In order to become certified as a public school teacher, the PRAXIS II SUBJECT ASSESSMENT examination specific to each candidate’s subject area must be passed. The exam tests the essential subject area knowledge unique to each certification teaching area. All PRAXIS II exams are now being offered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). ETS utilizes the national teacher examination (PRAXIS II) specialty area tests for this requirement. Although not a graduation requirement, passing scores on appropriate PRAXIS II exams are necessary for program completion and subsequent recommendation for certification. It is suggested that students take and pass the PRAXIS II exam prior to the end of the second semester of their senior year. Copies of the PRAXIS II exam scores must be sent to the university’s education certification officer located in education & educational psychology dept. (WS 249) in order to gain acceptance into PDS program
  12. Students are strongly urged to maintain an updated and signed copy of their program sheet. All requirements for this degree are listed on this sheet, which may be obtained from the student’s academic advisor or department chair.


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