Culture & Values

Center for the Study of Culture and Values Events

Upcoming events:

Spring 2017 – Lecture and Course (TBA) – Maria Kaliambou (Hellenic Studies)

Spring  2017 – Jewish Life (TBA).

october 2017 – Macricostas Lecture (TBA)


October 2018 – Hispanic Awareness Month (Daniel Costa, Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research at Economic Policy Institute – Macricostas Family Arts and Sciences Endowed Speaker Series, (TBA) )

Fall 2018 – Hellenic Studies Event on Economics and Globalization (TBA) or Immigration Theme (global rotation – endowed speaker series

February 2018 – African American Studies (TBA)

Spring 2018 – Hellenic Studies Event – Tentative Concert (TBA) – Imani Winds: Event supports World Cultures.

Spring 2018 – Jewish Life Event (TBA)