Communication & Media Arts : Department of Communication & Media Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Communication Studies and Media Arts are interdisciplinary approaches to relational communication and/or mass media. Scholars from various fields have contributed to our combination-approach understanding of communication. In some ways, the study of communication is very much like the social sciences (anthropology and sociology in particular) and psychology (although we’re more concerned with what happens between us than what happens inside us). In other ways, communication is like the humanities when it looks at rhetoric, semiotics, and history. There’s even a natural sciences influence in our understanding of human behavior as a function of genetic makeup and evolutionary patterns.

On the practical, job-getting side of things, consider taking COM 398 Senior Seminar (Life After WCSU) in your 2nd-to-last semester here. We’ll discuss how every. single. thing. you’ve learned here applies to your actual future!

What Can I Do with a Degree in Communication Studies and Media Arts?

The short (and true) answer… anything you want! To get you started on a path in Communication and Media Arts, check out these links: