WCSU Substance Abuse Program CHOICES


Wellness Activities

  1. Provide individual screenings and assessments for students (strictly confidential).
  2. Short term Counseling for students struggling with Substance Abuse 
  3. Refer students to counseling and support groups on and off campus.
  4. Facilitates educational workshops throughout the campus community
  5. Host Recovery groups on campus (i.e. AA meetings open to the general public):
    1.  AA meeting Saturday night (Beckerle Firehouse Meeting Hall 11: 00 pm–12:00 am)
    2.  AA meeting Sunday night (Danbury Room - Student Center 8:30- 9:30 pm
    3. The Locker Room Men's Group - Thursday (Haas Library 212 4-5pm)
    4. Girl Talk - Tuesday (Higgins Annex 105c 4-5:30) - Starts Feb 2nd
  6. Serve as a resource center for alcohol and other drugs.
  7. Provide up to date information on the effects of drugs.
  8. Serves as the center for the Peer Educators and the Alcohol Task Force.
  9. Plans Alcohol Awareness and Wellness Events throughout the year.
  10. Works with the Danbury community through a community coalition to raise awareness within the area.
  11. Fresh Check Day - a fun wellness fair to raise awareness of mental health



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