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Many students come to college already having tried alcohol and/or other substances. Some students have used extensively throughout high school, some minimally and some have never tried alcohol or other drugs. Teens and young adults ages 18-25 can present enormous challenges on college campuses. At Western the Substance Abuse Prevention Staff works collaboratively with Health Services, Therapists, Housing, judicial affairs, police and administrators to address substance abuse related problems. If a student does develop substance related problems or violates the underage drinking policies on campus, our office is here to assess him/her and get them back on track.

A broad public health approach to substance abuse has been proven to be scientifically feasible and has demonstrated positive effects on college campuses. Therefore, WCSU’s prevention program operates from a public health model with evaluation being an integral part of program development. Western has employed the CORE survey biannually since 2004.  This data shows us trends in our students using behaviors compared to the national data.  It helps us to monitor these behaviors and plan appropriate programming in response.  Our 2012 data reflects an overall decrease in binge drinking and overall more responsible habits for those who choose to drink. We have established and institutionalized many practices which our trend data demonstrates have been effective at reducing substance use and related problems on our campus. See our 2012-13 annual report and 2012 CORE data results at www.wcsu.edu/CHOICES  

Sharon Guck, M.P.H., CHOICES Coordinator (Back Row Center) and
Sandi Collins, Assistant (Front Row Left) with Peer Educators
and students involved with the CHOICES program.

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