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Myth: “Everyone in college drinks or uses some drugs.”
Fact: No, they don’t. Seventy two percent of Western students have five or fewer drinks per week and 33% didn't drink at all the previous week. About 18 percent drink excessively. Don’t follow what you think the crowd is doing. Set your own goals and don't let any substance get in your way.

Upcoming Events

Dec 1st Training Seminar: Where do you stand?     Student Center 201/2

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Laci Green: Taking Down Rape Culture at 7:30pm in White Hall. October 8th

Peer Educators:


Peer Educator Meeting, Choices Office at 6pm October 15th


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What it's like to be an addict Video








What is CHOICES?

CHOICES stands for Cultivating Healthy Opportunities In College Environments. We are the alcohol and substance abuse prevention program at Western.

We believe that all students want to succeed academically and fulfill their potential during the college years. When substance abuse gets in the way, it can seriously derail those dreams.

Our goals are:

How CHOICES Can Help You

Additional Services CHOICES Offers

For More Information

Email choices@wcsu.edu, visit Midtown Student Center, Room 211, or call (203) 837-8898


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