TITLE:  Building Supervisor - Conference Services




In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed in the Building Manager position description, this position:


1 -      Develops Conference Services Assistants staff set-up schedules to insure all rooms are set in a timely basis

2 -      Assists in the supervision of the Conference Service staff

3 -      Coordinates with event sponsors to ensure their needs are met

4 -      Serves as on-site contact for large scale events

5 -      Assists with staff training with a concentration on conference services

6 -      Maintains equipment inventory reports

7 -      Reports any malfunctioning equipment to the Operations Manager

8 -      Performs other duties as assigned



SUPERVISION: Operations Manager



Itís more than a Job:  Part of the mission of Campus & Student Centers is to enhance the educational program by providing opportunities for student development through employment.  All student manager/supervisor positions have the same core competencies and learning objectives.  Those documents are an integral part of this position description.  This position will emphasize: