The two-semester research project (3 graduate credits) will improve teacher use of critical thinking skills and the scientific method through research project development and implementation, data analysis, and dissemination of results at the May WISTR Exhibition Event and on-line. Specific science processes that participants will be expected to implement in hierarchical order include: observing, hypothesizing, designing an experiment, graphing, setting up and following through on an experiment, and making inferences from the data collected, which are all critical thinking skills in the scientific method and logical learning patterns.

Research Goals & Milestones for 2006-2007 (.doc)

WISTR Exhibition Book 2006-07

Boyle Research Team

  • Katy Maty
  • Kerry Perrotta*

Frederick Research Team

Gyure Research Team

Pinou Research Team

Wong Research Team

* WCSU science education student

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