Science teachers of Grades 6-12 have been selected from school systems in Norwalk, New Haven, and Danbury, Connecticut to participate in the inaugural year of WISTR. Participating teachers will attend a six-day summer workshop presented by the science faculty of WestConn. In conjunction with the faculty, teachers will develop and implement a year-long science research project, along with associated teaching pedagogy.

Science teacher research fellows - who are currently undergraduate science education students enrolled at WCSU - are expected to observe participating teachers (from their own research lab group) teach class, apply assessment instruments, and reflect with the teacher about their questioning skills performance.

Participating Teachers & School Districts

  • Silvia L. Agosto (New Britain)
  • Karen A.Beitler (New Haven)
  • Kristina Bjelko (Norwalk)
  • Jeffrey Brentson (Norwalk)
  • Susan DeMattio (Danbury)
  • Emily Edenburn (New Haven)
  • Cathy Ermann (Bethel)
  • Megen Groski (New Haven)
  • Deborah James (New Haven)
  • Luanne LaRose (Norwalk)
  • Peter Larrabee (Brookfield)
  • Katy Maty (Norwalk)
  • Mary Jac M. Reed (Norwalk)
  • Linda Romonosky (Norwalk)
  • Cory Slifstein (New Haven)
  • Louis Weinberg (Norwalk)
  • Catia Wolff (Danbury)

Participating Science Teacher Research Fellows (WCSU)

  • Jared Cowden
  • Stacy Evans
  • Kristy Garren
  • Matthew Hinman
  • Kerry Perrotta

Participating District Science Supervisors

  • Dr. Helga Jensen-Ruopp (Danbury)
  • Dr. Ken Martinelli (Norwalk)
  • Dr. Richard Therrien (New Haven)

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