Halliburton Farewell Party

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Halliburton Farewell Song
by Ed Wong
Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies Theme

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Rich
A genetics prof who always had an outdoor itch
Though he studied flies that loved to feed on rotten fruit
He knew that there was something else that he would rather shoot

Pictures that is. Kokak film, f/ stops

So he put away the flies as he decided to bail
Exchanging a lab for a beautiful mountain trail
Instead of his next Powerpoint, what he most wanted to see
Were all the Ansel Adams views at Yosemite

Half Dome. Bridalveil Falls, Lake Tenaya.

Well, now its time to say "Good Bye" to Rich & Meredith
To say that they have blessed our lives is really not a myth
We hope they won't forget us here at WCSU
As they walk hand-in-hand and look upon those nature views

Mt. Whitney. Kings Canyon, Death Valley

Y'all come back to visit us, y'hear?

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