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Ph.D. Fordham University

Director, Westside Nature Preserve

WCSU Science Building Rm. 205
Phone: 203-837-8794
E-mail: dyef@wcsu.edu

Current Teaching Responsibilities

  • BIO 103 General Biology I
  • BIO 130 Human Life Before Birth
  • BIO 133 Human Development Before Birth
  • BIO 300 Cell Biology
  • BIO 310 Vertebrate Embryology
  • BIO 311 Developmental Biology

News & Announcements

  • AlphaGenix donates stem cell kit to WCSU [source] Ask and you shall receive. That is exactly what happened when Dr. Frank Dye, professor of biological and environmental sciences, broadcast a request to seven commercial companies for a stem cell kit to use for his Cell Biology class. Dr. Stephen Hall, president of life-science company AlphaGenix, responded to the request. Because of budget limitations, it would not have been possible to purchase a stem cell kit for Dye’s Cell Biology class. Dye admitted, “I really could not afford the supplies out of my course budget.” Typically, stem cell kits range from $800 to $1,000, so the AlphaGenix donation of a stem cell kit for free is worth celebrating. Of his donation of rat neural stem cells, Hall stated, “I try to always take time to offer resources to universities for further education.” As an adjunct professor of biomedical sciences at the University of South Dakota, Hall understood financial restrictions. “For one vial of stem cells we [AlphaGenix] charge about $500, which is a million stem cells. Supplies are pretty expensive, too, and you have to order more media [for proper maintenance]. I provided Frank with more media,” Hall said. In late February Hall shipped three vials of stem cells on dry ice to Dye. Stem cells will continue to grow indefinitely if you take care of them properly,” Hall said. Because of AlphaGenix’s generosity, Dye’s Cell Biology students will have the opportunity to explore stem cells for years to come.

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