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General Information

Admissiions Requirements

Degree Requirements

Course Listings

Undergraduate Courses that may be applied to the Master's degree (click here for course descriptions):

BIO 410   Topics in Molecular Genetics
BIO 440   Molecular Biology
BIO 450   Population Ecology
BIO 460   Ecosystem Ecology
BIO 470   Entomology

Graduate Courses
(click here for course descriptions):

BIO 500   Graduate Seminar (required of all graduate students)
BIO 504   Limnology
BIO 510   Current Topics in Biology
BIO 516   Current Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 530   Population Genetics
BIO 535   Advanced Molecular Biology
BIO 536   Molecular Oncology
BIO 537   Molecular Endocrinology
BIO 538   Molecular Mechanisms of Animal Development
BIO 539   Molecular Biology of Procaryotes
BIO 540   Aquatic Vascular Plants
BIO 543   Stream Ecology
BIO 545   Advanced Systematic Biology
BIO 551   Soil Ecology
BIO 555   Environmental Physiology
BIO 555   Herpetology
BIO 560   Behavioral Ecology
BIO 565   Topics in Animal Behavior
BIO 592   Independent Thesis Research
BIO 598   Faculty Developed Study
BIO 599   Student Independent Study


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