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400-level courses applicable to the
Master's Degree program

BIO 410 Topics in Molecular Genetics (4 SH)
This course will cover selected topics in molecular genetics, with emphasis on current developments in gene structure and expression and on applications to biotechnology. Laboratory exercises will train students in various techniques used in gene manipulation and analysis. Prerequisite: BIO 312 or CHE 421 (3 hrs lecture; 3 hrs laboratory).

BIO 440 Molecular Biology (3 SH)
A consideration of the molecular bases of biological phenomena. Prerequisite: Junior standing in the major or permission of the instructor (3 hrs lecture).

BIO 450 Population Ecology (3 SH)
This course will consider the theoretical, experimental, and empirical foundations of population ecology. Topics covered will include density-independent and density-dependent mechanisms of population regulation, life history evolution, competition, predator-prey relationships, metapopulations, island biogeography, and applications to conservation biology. Prerequisite: BIO 200; MAT 101 recommended (3 hrs lecture).

BIO 460 Ecosystem Ecology (3 SH)
This course will cover the flows of energy, carbon, and nutrients that make ecosystems function. The following central themes will be developed: the linkage between populations and processes, interactions between plants and soils, and the effects of environmental change on ecosystem processes. Prerequisite: BIO 104 and BIO 200.

BIO 470 Entomology (4 SH)
This course provides a broad examination of insect structure, physiology, ecology, and classification. The ecological role of insects in ecosystems will be emphasized. The laboratory will provide experience in field and lab techniques used in the study of insects. Prerequisite: BIO 104 and BIO 200 (3 hrs lecture; 3 hrs laboratory).

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