Now Available: Banner 9

As part of the CSCU Banner Modernization and Standardization project, the BannerAdmin 9 app is now available for all current users of Banner INB. This is the first of many Banner 9 apps to be rolled out over the course of 2019.


UPDATED 3/29/2019: The legacy version of BannerAdmin, Banner 8 INB, will continue to be available through the end of April. All current INB users can access BannerAdmin 9 with their WCSU computer usernames. For help getting started with the new interface, visit the Resources link.

BannerAdmin 9

  • Login with your full WCSU username (
  • Works on any modern browser
  • Click on the image to go to BannerAdmin 9

Banner INB

  • Login with your INB username
  • Only works with IE (Firefox on Mac only)
  • Click on the image to go to Banner INB