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    participants, nor for any advice or information
    exchanged between you and your Mentor.
  4. You will be given the name, phone number, email address and employment details
    for your Mentor and asked to hold all information about
    their mentor in strictest confidence.
  5. If an opportunity for work experience for your
    Mentor arises, you must notify the Mentoring

I agree to the release of the information in my application as
stated.  I also agree that, if matched, I will contact and/or
meet with my Mentor a minimum of twice each semester.  At the
end of each semester, I will inform the Mentor Program office as to
whether this requirement has been met.  I will do this via
email at
I will keep the Mentor Program Coordinator updated with my current
contact information (address, email, and telephone).


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If you have any questions about
the Ancell Mentor Program, please contact Elise Budnick
via phone:  (203) 837-8567 or