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Ancell School of Business hosts several active and vital clubs and students are encouraged to join.  Service and professional development along with networking opportunities abound.  Any WCSU student can join any club on campus and students can find something to suit just about every interest, from gaming to dance.  Here is a little info about the Ancell Clubs. For contact info and a full listing of clubs, please visit


Accounting Society


JA (Junior Achievement) for a day – Taking service to community schools

The purpose of the Western Connecticut State University Accounting Society is to provide the accounting students of the Ancell School of Business the opportunity to experience academic, personal, and professional growth through tutoring, mentoring, and networking.


    • We promote an environment where our members can share their knowledge of key accounting principles, concepts and techniques.


    • We strongly encourage our members to become involved in leadership and team-building activities.


    • We strive to motivate our members to be ethically and socially responsible.


    • We seek to adequately prepare our members for a smooth transition into the business environment.


The Western Connecticut State University Accounting Society is committed to producing hard-working, business-savvy accountants!

Winner of the WCSU Student Organization of the Year award for the Ancell School of Business two years in a row, 2014, 2015


Alpha Phi Sigma (National Honor Society for Criminal Justice)


Alpha Phi Sigma Induction Ceremony


The overall goal of Alpha Phi Sigma is to honor and promote academic excellence, service, leadership and unity. Here at Western Connecticut State University it is our job as a society to induct students who meet the overall criteria provided by the National Alpha Phi Sigma headquarters and to create an environment that allows our members to develop new ideas and events that relate to the field of Justice and Law.

Alpha Phi Sigma is planning several events for this upcoming semester. First, our induction ceremony for our new members will be taking place in the beginning of April. Secondly, we are coordinating an event called the Bard Prison Initiative, a program that provides education to incarcerated individuals. We are planning to have a volunteer from this organization come to speak in March which will be open to all students and faculty. Alpha Phi Sigma will also be pairing up with the Justice and Law Club to raise money and work on Relay for Life this upcoming spring. Furthermore, a few students from our society will be volunteering on March 6th at the Connecticut Brain Freeze to help support research for brain tumors. Alpha Phi will also be helping out on March 31st to volunteer for a panel discussion that will be presented by the Alumni Association. Finally, Alpha Phi Sigma is currently in the process of trying to put together an event on campus that will help students create and/or perfect his or her résumé.


Honors Club


Western Day of Service – HSO Members


The Honors Student Organization (HSO) is open to ALL students. The purpose of the Honors Student Organization is:


    • To bring together the best student minds at Western Connecticut.


    • To be involved in both the Western campus and in the surrounding community.


    • To sponsor events which promote both the intellectual curiosity and broadening of individual horizons through community outreach.


**HSO was founded as an offshoot of the University’s Kathwari Honors Program.  If you are interested in applying to this program, please apply online at  The program is open to all majors, current and incoming students, and has rolling admissions. We encourage you to apply if you are interested in being a part of a program that fosters and nurtures academic excellence among outstanding students. It is built on the fundamental assumption that knowledge is an open set of questions and ideas to be explored, rather than a closed set of facts to be memorized. The program is designed to expose students to fundamental modes of inquiry found in various academic fields, and to illustrate the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to exploring a topic or issue.


    • The Honors Relay for Life team raised the most money for the American Cancer Society leading up the event.


    • For the 2013-2014 academic year, the Honors Student Organization won the Student Organization of the Year Award for the general interest/community service category.


Management Club


Please see Professor Stan Bazan, Department Chair if you are interested in joining this club.


Western Marketing


Award winning Western Marketing Association


The AMA Collegiate Chapters promote professional advancement and community service through the development of effective communication, fundraising and organizational performance. Western Marketing competes annually, showing well each year, most recently earning the bronze award at the 2015 AMA International Collegiate Conference, earning the bronze award. Currently, this organization has taken on the challenge of a Marketing Agency start up.  Kick-starting the Agency with a think tank series led to several collaborative projects with area businesses. Response to Agency@Ancell has been positive, resulting in a fully functioning advertising agency with multiple clients within the first 6 weeks.


The Western Marketing team challenges students to step outside their comfort zones and articulate their ideas. Students are encouraged to engage in a dynamic of conversation that promotes innovative thinking. The ultimate goal is to “Inspire Creativity” by having members collaborate, develop ideas, and learn from each other. These are the reasons why they are a successful chapter; clients and accolades are just the byproduct of good teamwork.


M.I.S Club WCSU MIS Club Logo

MIS Club Members 2017

                 MIS Club Members 2017


The WCSU MIS Club Strives to provide a space for future technical professionals to exchange ideas and thoughts while also providing career advancement opportunities. Our club welcomes all and meets every other Thursday at 8pm at the Westside Campus Center Room 213-214.