Department of Art Alumni

Lise Weller '05

Website:OMI by Lise

Lise Weller said, "I have been working with various crafts all my life, but glass has always held a particular magic for me. I did stained glass for decades, and blown glass for a time, but over the past few years I have moved into fusing glass. At first I primarily did sculpture and art pieces, only experimenting with jewelry for myself, friends and family. The jewelry was immediately so popular, and the demand so great, that I decided to explore it more deeply and created my business.

Her technique is very different; she combines and layers unusual glasses and do multiple firings, creating an extraordinary depth within each piece. She has recently introduced silver wire in a filigree style inlay with great success. Her pieces range from $20 – $150, the majority in the $30-$40 range. Each necklace is personally fit when purchased, with a variety of chokers and/or leather so the customer can take part in the design process. She works alone, except for occasional sales assistance at larger shows.

Lise adds, "I have been able to use my art to support some of my favorite charities, and often do shows just for them, giving them 100%. AmeriCares, Loaves and Fishes, HORSE of CT and United Pegasus are all wonderful groups that I work for and care deeply about. I cant afford to give them as much money as I would like, but I can give them as much jewelry as we can sell. It has been very fulfilling, and a great joy for me."

She lives in Litchfield County, and fires the glass in a studio at home. She is attending college at Western CT State University full time as a nontraditional student majoring in Studio Art and with a minor in Journalism. She goes on a horse rescue mission every year, and has a rescue horse and a miniature donkey in her backyard. She says, "It is truly a blessing to be able to work at something you love, and to have your work appreciated."

She also works in the local soup kitchen, Loaves and Fishes, cooking, and am able to raise money for them with glass sales.

Lise attended Mass College of Art, but got sidetracked and ended up in the retail leather business for about 28 years. They were very successful, and at one time had seven stores in the family; they now have four. I have designed and manufactured all sorts of leather goods, including a motorcycle helmet for a dog, a full size teepee, a wedding dress and case for Dizzy Gillespie’s horn. She added, "I always worked with glass in my spare time, but now that I have retired from leather it has become my full time job and my passion. The work is constantly evolving. I am always experimenting, and get inspiration from my various underwater adventures and World-Wide wanderings."

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