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Studio Arts Program

The Studio Arts Faculty at Western Connecticut State University are committed to developing the visual skills necessary for individual creative expression that will culminate in strong and dynamic works of art.

The curriculum is studio-based to teach the materials, techniques and visual concepts that are the core to creating successful paintings and sculptures. This includes an understanding of form, composition, color, and mark making through practice followed by individual and group critiques. Classes emphasize working from observation, understanding formal structure, and narrative content while striving to bring out each student's individual vision.

The culmination of the student's work at WCSU is the development of a professional art portfolio and being part of a group exhibition at the end of the senior year.

Studio Arts Alumni are working, exhibiting artists who choose further study for an advanced degree in the fine arts as well as having successful careers in galleries, arts agencies, mural painting for private and public spaces, and as teachers at all levels.

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