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Studio Arts / MFA ProgramChristine Hartman

MFA Brooklyn CollegeStudio Arts / MFA Program
Adjunct Professor
Drawing I, Painting I, Grad: Ind Applied Studio II

Christine Hartman holds a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Brooklyn College. She was awarded scholarships in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute and New York Studio School. She received fellowships and the Charles G. Shaw Award while at Brooklyn College. Hartman is also the recipient of a Helena Rubinstein Foundation grant. She is represented by the Bowery Gallery in New York and 508 Galley in Beacon, NY. The artist's still life and figure paintings are not copied representations but reconstructions of a complex visual world. A resident of the Hudson River Valley, she is also a member of the Zeuxis group.

John Goodrich, in a review of Hartman's show at the Bowery Gallery, said, "Christine Hartman's first show at Bowery Gallery intrigues for the independence and directness of her investigations. Her nine medium-to-large paintings and twenty drawings of still life's and interiors have ordinary enough subjects: cats, fruit, books, pitchers, and occasionally, figures. Though depicted fairly naturalistically, all are animated by a strong sense of imposed order--or better yet, by a willful appraisal: they seem to have been put though a wringer of steady, intense scrutiny."

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