SAT – Optional FAQ

When does the WCSU SAT-Optional policy take effect?
Students will be eligible to apply under SAT-Optional for the fall 2013 semester.

What option should I apply under: General Admission or SAT-Optional?
Students should carefully consider which option to utilize when applying.  SAT-Optional was developed for students who succeeded in their high school academics but fell short on their SAT exams.  Students are encouraged to apply under SAT-Optional if they believe that their scores do not reflect their academic capabilities.

What is the difference between a student admitted under General Admission and SAT-Optional? 
There are differences between the two admission options.  Under the General Admission guidelines, students must have at least a 2.67 GPA or B- average and have a combined critical reading and mathematics SAT score of 1000.  Students applying under General Admission are free to apply for any major at WCSU.

Although students are not required to submit SAT scores under the SAT-Optional criteria, they will be required to have a
recalculated GPA of at least 3.0 or a B average. Students also will be unable to apply to the nursing department or EAP
without SAT/ACT scores on record at WCSU.

If I apply under SAT-Optional, how will WCSU evaluate my application for admission? 
Admission counselors at WCSU will conduct a more in-depth review of a student’s application credentials.  The student’s academic and extracurricular achievements, letters of recommendation and essays will all be included in the decision-making process. 

How will an admission counselor recalculate my GPA and what courses are included in the GPA recalculation?
An admission counselor will award quality points for each course a student has completed. The GPA will be determined by the total sum of quality points divided into the total credit hours completed.Only academic courses that are equivalent to WCSU general education courses will be used in the recalculation.

Are high school honors and AP classes weighted more heavily when a transcript is evaluated?
Yes, the Admissions Office puts more weight on honors and AP-level courses than standard college prep courses.

Am I required to take the WCSU placement exam if I am accepted under SAT-Optional?
Yes, all students who do not have SAT/ACT scores on record at WCSU are required to take the math and writing placement exam.  Students who have SAT/ACT scores on record will be placed into classes based upon these scores.

Should I still submit my SAT/ACT scores even if I apply under SAT-Optional?
Test scores that are submitted with a SAT/ACT-optional application will not negatively impact the admission decision, but may be used for the math and writing placements.

Can I be considered for an EAP, Nursing or Merit Scholarship if I do not submit my SAT/ACT scores?
No, in order to considered eligible for a Merit Scholarship, WCSU requires students to have SAT/ACT scores on record with the university.

Do you still recommend taking a college entry exam such as the SAT or ACT?

Will I be able to meet with an admission counselor to discuss whether an SAT-Optional application is best for me?
Yes, the Office of Admissions encourages all students to meet with a counselor if they have any questions regarding applying to the university.