Spanish Placement Testing Information

Spanish Placement Information:*

  1. Level 1 / Semester 1 = Spanish 162: Introductory Spanish I (SCORE 0-200)
  2. Level 2 / Semester 2 = Spanish 164: Introductory Spanish II (SCORE 201-350)
  3. Level 3 / Semester 3 = Spanish 196: Intermediate Language & Culture I (SCORE 351-450)
  4. Level 4 / Semester 4 = Spanish 197: Intermediate Language & Culture II (SCORE 451-550)
  5. Students with scores over 551 should contact the chair of World Languages & Literature for advising.*


Students who have previously studied Spanish or those who have learned Spanish in an immersion setting (ie. at home or traveling abroad) should take the Spanish placement exam.


The Spanish placement test is done on a computer. Students answer questions that increase in difficulty until a threshold is determined to accurately place a student into a language level. (Levels 1-4 with scores are listed at the top of this page.) This test is untimed. It usually takes between 10-30 minutes.

SPANISH Placement – interview (for heritage speakers of spanish)

This Spanish placement is a short oral interview that usually takes between 10-15 minutes. Students who learned Spanish at home or native speakers of Spanish are encouraged to develop writing ability, creative and critical thinking skills, professional development, and cultural diversity knowledge in Spanish. Please contact the chair of the Department of World Languages & Literature by email or by phone 203-837-8485 to arrange an interview.


*Placement exams indicate the recommended entry level of language study. The placement does not give university credit or fulfill any curricular requirements, including the language requirement.

The placement is a recommendation. If you have a borderline result and would like further advising, or if you are unsure about your placement results for any reason, please contact the chair of the Department of World Languages & Literature by email or by phone 203-837-8485.

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