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Charles Mastroni

Charles Mastroni

Master of Business Administration

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Math Placement Testing Information

Math Placement Information: *

  1. SAT math score 490 and below or ACT math score 1 – 17 = MAT 098, Elementary Algebra.
  2. SAT math score 500 – 540 or ACT math score 18 – 21 = MAT 100, Intermediate Math.
  3. SAT math score 550 – 590 or ACT math score 22 -23 = General Education Math Placement.
  4. SAT math score 600 and higher or ACT math score 24 – 36 = Calculus placement (or any General Education math course).

Math Placement - Accuplacer by The College Board

The math placement test is an Accuplacer exam and is done on the computer.

This test is untimed

Elementary Algebra

A total of 12 questions are administered in this test.

  • The first type involves operations with integers and rational numbers, and includes computation with integers and negative rationals, the use of absolute values, and ordering.
  • A second type involves operations with algebraic expressions using evaluation of simple formulas and expressions, and adding and subtracting monomials and polynomials. Questions involve multiplying and dividing monomials and polynomials, the evaluation of positive rational roots and exponents, simplifying algebraic fractions, and factoring.
  • The third type of question involves the solution of equations, inequalities, word problems. solving linear equations and inequalities, the solution of quadratic equations by factoring, solving verbal problems presented in an algebraic context, including geometric reasoning and graphing, and the translation of written phrases into algebraic expressions.

*For information regarding the Math placement test, visit http://www.wcsu.edu/math/Placement%20Test/placement.htm

Sample Questions for the Accuplacer Math Test (extracted from the Accuplacer Student Guide)

Elementary Algebra Test Practice Questions

Question 1: If a number is divided by 4, and then 3 is subtracted, the result is 0. What is the number?

(A)  12     (B)  4      (C)  1/6      (D)  1/8

Question 2: 16x - 8 = _______

(A)  8x     (B)   8 (2x-x)      (C)   8 (2x-1)      (D)   8 (2x-8)

Question 3:
If x^2 - X - 6 = 0 then X is ____.

(A)  -1or 3    (B)  -1 or 6      (C)  1 or 6     (D)  2 or -3


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The Emergency / Weather Alert will be posted on the WCSU home page any time an emergency or bad weather causes a delay, cancellation or early closing of the university.

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