Early Alert Program

At WCSU, a student in good academic standing must earn a minimum cumulative or overall grade point average (GPA). of a 2.0.  Students who earn a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 become part of the Early Alert Program located in the Academic Advisement Center.  The goal of the Early Alert Program is to assist students to develop a plan of success that will allow them to improve their academic performance, return to good study, and continue to make progress toward a degree at WCSU.  The Director of the Academic Advisement Center and the staff of the Center serve as the support advisor to students in the Early Alert Program.

The staff of the Academic Advisement Center recognizes that there are numerous factors that influence student’s academic progress.  Therefore, the staff of the center will assist students to find support and, if necessary, to be referred to additional campus resources.

Definition of Academic Status

Each semester (fall and spring), students who earn a cumulative GPA that is less than a 2.0 will receive a letter from the Registrar’s office indicating one of the following academic status according to university policy: 

Academic Warnings

Log on to WestConnduit.wcsu.edu to access your mid-semester grades.  If you receive a mid-semester grade of “D,’ “F,” or “INC,” consider this report a warning that you may be placed on academic probation.  Any grade of “D” or “F” during the semester also constitutes an academic warning and may result in academic probation. 

Academic Probation

Academic probation letters from the dean are sent at the end of the semester to each first semester freshman with a GPA below 1.7 and to other students with a GPA below 2.0.  If you are placed on probation, you must meet with your academic adviser to review your program requirements, course selections, credit loads, and other pertinent information.
The probationary period will commence the semester following the one for which the letter of probation was issued.  The dean will review the student’s activities during the period of probation.
Probation is for one semester.  If you do not achieve an acceptable GPA by the end of the semester that you are on probation, you may be suspended for academic deficiency.

Students on probation should consider a semester course load of 12 credit hours and limit their participation in extra-curricular activities.  Appeals to these policies should be made to the appropriate dean who, for extenuating circumstances only, may waive the policy.

Note:  Individual schools or programs may have standards for probation and dismissal from the school or program which are higher than the university’s standards.  A student can be on probation or be dismissed from a school or program and still be in good standing at the university. 

Academic Suspension

A student suspended for academic reasons is no longer a degree candidate.  A suspended student may, however, enroll in up to11 credits per semester as a non-matriculated student.  A student may reapply for admission when his/her cumulative GPA reaches the minimum university, department or school admission criterion.  Eligibility for readmission does not automatically lead to readmission to Western but only to consideration for readmission by the Director of University Admissions.

Credits earned at other institutions are not used to raise a student’s cumulative GPA. 

Financial Aid Progress Requirements

In order to qualify for financial aid a student must be a matriculated student working towards a degree at Western Connecticut State University.

For full-time undergraduate students: Satisfactory Academic Progress is defined as successful completion of a minimum of 24 credit hours of academic work per academic year for students who enroll for both Fall and Spring semesters, and 12 credit hours of academic work for those enrolled for only one semester. Failed or audited courses, withdrawals, incompletes or courses transferred from another institution prior to your attendance at Western do not count towards successful academic progress. Full-time undergraduate students will not be eligible for financial aid for more than 12 semesters of full-time attendance, regardless of whether or not they received financial aid for those 12 semesters.

For part-time undergraduate students:  Satisfactory Academic Progress is defined as the successful completion of the number of credits that a student starts the semester with.  For example: if you register for 9 credits, withdraw from 3 credits and pass 6 credits, you have not maintained satisfactory progress.  You must pass all 9 credits.  MAT 098, ENG 098 and ENG 099 do count toward the number of required credits, but failed or audited courses, withdrawals, incompletes and courses transferred from another institution prior to your attendance at Western do not.  Part-time undergraduate students will not be eligible for financial aid for more then 24 semesters of part-time attendance.

GPA Calculation

In order to determine a student’s (GPA), letter grades are assigned numerical values.  The numerical weight given each grade is then multiplied by the number of credits (semester hours) assigned to each course.  For example, a grade of “B” in a three-credit course would merit (3.0 x 3) =9.0 quality points.
The GPA is determined by the dividing the total number of quality points by the number of credits attempted. 

The following grades have the following numerical values:
A     -    4.0
A-    -    3.67
B+   -    3.33
B     -    3.00    
B-    -    2.67
C+   -    2.33
C     -    2.00
C-    -    1.67
D+   -    1.33
D     -    1.0
D-    -    .67
F      -      0

Students can also use the GPA Calculator on WestConnduit.  Log onto WestConduit, click Banner, click Student Services, and then GPA Calculator.  This will help a student calculate what their semester GPA could be, what your overall GPA could be, and what you need in your semester GPA to get a desired overall GPA.

Grades of INC, P, FP, WFP, W, AUD, RP, and RM carry no quality points and the credits for these courses are not considered in the total credits attempted; therefore they do not affect the GPA.  Courses that are transferred to Western do not affect the GPA.

If you fail a course and then repeat the courses, both grades will appear on your transcript and both the “F” and the second grade will be used to calculate the GPA - unless you complete the "Repeat Policy" form.

How a low GPA or not completing a full-time course load (12.0 credit hours or more per semester) could effect a student:

  • Your financial aid, as stated above.
  • Your ability to remain in campus housing (please contact Residence Life, 837-8531 for more info).
  • Your eligibility to play a sport.
  • Your health insurance.  Most private health insurance policies require that you be a full-time student.  Also,  many car insurance companies will give you a break on insurance costs for a full-time student with a good GPA.  Please check with your insurance carrier for more info.

Tips for Improving Your G.P.A.:

Get help!

  • Use the Math Clinic and Writing Center (Math Lab 837-9244, BR 105; Writing Center 837-8728, Hass 303).
  • Get tutoring (Tutoring Resource Center 837-9245, BR 104).
  • Speak to your professors.  
  • See your advisor.
  • Take courses that you need and have an interest in.  If you like a course, you tend to do better in it.
  • Do not overload yourself.  If you take 15 or 17 credits in a semester in which you need to raise your GPA and you don’t do well in 3 or 6 of the credits, it will not help your GPA.  Take 12 credits (if you need to be full-time) during that semester, so that you can focus and get the academic help you need to raise your GPA.

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