Required and Optional Software/Patches

The function of the Clean Access agent is to make sure that computer is up to date with security requirements.

The Clean Access solution provides the ability to perform two types of security checks; required and optional.

Clean Access Agent put the users in temporary role for 60 minutes if they fail any security check. If the user can not satisfy the missing requirement within this time, then clean access will prompt for authentication again when the time expires and upon successful authentication will give the user another 60 minutes and so on. In a temporary role, users have only access to certain websites and resources which would help in fixing the missing requirements.

When a security check is marked ‘Required Software’ then it is compulsory for the user to satisfy that requirement before proceeding to the next step in the Clean Access Agent login process. However, if the security check is marked ‘Optional Software’, the Agent will still prompt the user with the missing requirement, but the user have the option to either fix the problem and click ‘Next’ on this screen or if they choose to fix it at a later time, they still can click ‘Next’ to continue.

Once the Clean Access Agent login process is completed, the user is automatically moved from the temporary role and has full access to the Internet as dictated by the new role.

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