Clean Access Quick Troubleshooting Guide

If you cannot to the residence hall network by following the “How do I Connect to ResNet (Step by step)?” instructions:

  1. Make sure you have an Ethernet cable. Verify you are plugged into the data drop and not the phone drop. The data drop is black in all residence halls, except Centennial Hall, in which it is only blue in a non-triple, and blue and green in a triple. If you are connecting via wireless, make sure you are choosing the RESNET wireless network.  Verify your IP address by completing the following steps (PC users only):

    For Windows XP,Vista/7/8 users:

      • Go to the Start menu and click Run.
      • Type cmd and then click OK.
      • At the prompt, type ipconfig.

    Each student computer should get an IP address that is similar to the following:

    Midtown Campus

      • IP Address: 10.129.XXX.XXX
      • Subnet Mask:

    Westside Campus

      • IP Address: 10.145.XXX.XXX
      • Subnet Mask:

    If you are a Mac user, all you are required to do is open a Web browser and enter your Windows username and password.

  2. Verify your Windows username and password, which can be obtained at the:
    • Westside Computer Center (Westside Classroom Building, room 117, 837-8391)
    • Midtown Computer Center (Haas Library, first floor, 837-9232)
    • Student Technology Training Center (Student Center, room 225, 837-8715)
    • Campus Center Computer Center (Campus Center, 3rd floor, 837-3291)

Downloading Clean Access Software

  1. Open a Web browser (ex: Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.). Follow the Clean Access instructions. After the Clean Access download, you will be instructed to download Microsoft Critical Updates or update your anti-virus software, if needed.
    1. If you receive an "Invalid username or password" message on the Clean Access webpage, but you are positive that you are entering correct information, your Windows password may have expired. Visit to reset your Windows password. (Note: this page will only work if you know your existing password. If you are unable to reset your password through this page, please visit one of the computer centers.) Note: for anti-virus downloading, turn off your firewall, if applicable, and add Clean Access as the authorized program. Turn your firewall back on (if applicable).
    2. Ensure Microsoft Windows Update is turned on. Go to Start > Control Panel > System. Click the Automatic Updates tab. Select Automatic > date and time. Click OK.

Difficulty Updating System

  1. Cannot download Critical Updates, getting an error message:
    • Most error messages refer to an unhealthy system. The recommended resolution is a full system restore. Be sure to backup all data and contact your vendor for help with a system restore.
  2. I get a message stating that the product key used to install Windows is invalid:
    • The Windows Update will fail if your Windows operating system (ex: Windows 7) is not properly licensed. You must have a legal copy of the operating system to connect to the university network. Contact your vendor for help.
  3. Can not download Critical Updates (blank page), no errors. The site states no critical updates are available.
    1. Call any of the University Labs (MTCC, WSCC, CCCC and STCC) to make an appointment to have your machine looked at by one of our Resnet Support Team Specialists
    2. This indicates an unhealthy system. The recommended resolution is a full system restore. Be sure to backup all data and contact your vendor for help with a system restore.


Clean Access requires that you have installed and maintained the latest anti-virus software definitions on your system. There are two options:

  1. Update your current anti-virus software with the latest definitions available from your software vendor.
  2. If your current anti-virus software has expired:
    1. You can renew the license for your current anti-virus software; or
    2. Visit for list of available free anti-virus tools and software.

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