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Here are some quick tips for you to use when you just don't know or are in a bind!"

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Each hall has PASS (Peer Academic Support Services) volunteers who are willing and able to help you.  PASS members offer to lend a hand in their best classes where you might need a hand.  You can visit PASS members in any building!  As soon as we have some PASS members identified for this year, you will be able to click on the link on the logo above to see a list for each hall.




button logoWhat will you find here?

Welcome to the ARM Academic Success Spot. As you know, each of your buildings has at least one ARM, or Academic Resource Mentor. But there are lots of you, and they can't be everywhere at once, so we've created this page to provide you with some resources that you can access when your ARM isn't there to help.  

button logoWho and what are the ARMs?

ARMs are Academic Resource Mentors -- peers whose goal is to help you find the information, locate the resources, and connect you to people who can help you in your academic endeavors. They provide academic and life skills programming, too. ARMs have office hours in your halls, when you can see them to get assistance. They are students, just like you! They can also help you touch base with PASS members, student volunteers who offer tutoring or assistance in subjects they do well in.

We're sure you'll see your ARM around in the building, but just in case, here are the ARMs for 2015 - 16:

Who Am I?   Where Am I?
Nadia Orjiugo photo 






Hi!  My name is Nadia and I am one of the two ARMs in Centennial.  I am currently in my sophomore year and a biochemistry major. I am hoping to help as many people as I can and get people involved with our PASS program.  I also plan on providing the necessary sources, support, and skills to my residents so they can succeed to the greatest they can be.

For fun, I like to travel and participate in athletic activities.  My favorite place to go is Belize, as I go there two or three times a year.  I am currently a softball player at Western and I advise everyone to get involved, whether it's a sport or club.   I hope to have an exciting year with my residents and staff members. 

Jackie Servillo photo





Hello, my name is Jaclyn Servillo.  Many people tend to just call me Jackie.  I am currently in my junior year and majoring in secondary education with a focus in English.  As an ARM, I plan to provide students with the necessary sources in order to succeed.  I also plan on setting a good example and creating a welcoming environment for anyone to ask me questions.

For fun, I enjoy going to the beach with my friends.  The beach has always been my favorite place to go because I find it very relaxing.  I also enjoy reading books and am in the process of trying to finish a book called Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. Lena Dunham also created the show called Girls which is one of my favorite shows.  I currently work at Abercrombie Kids in the Danbury Mall and have been there for a little over a year now.

I hope to have a fun, exciting semester with everyone!

Kyle Venditti photo






Hello, my name is Kyle Venditti and this is my second year being the ARM in Grasso Hall.  I am a junior in the Professional Writing Program with a Concentration in Creative Writing, and my dream is to become a novelist once I graduate from Western.  I'm involved in the Compassion and Creativity Club on campus and assist in the production of the Black and White Literary Journal as Secretary for the club.  I'm also a member of the Kathwari Honors Program at Western, participating in many of their events and classes.  My goal for this year is to continue engaging my residents in interactive and educational programs that carry meaning both in college and for life after higher education.

In terms of who I am, I enjoy reading a variety of books, novels mostly, with my favorite genres being fantasy and science-fiction.  I like to watch movies, play board games, video games, and write, of course! I love classic rock and metal, but I enjoy most forms of music, even whistling!  I tend to find something to like about most areas of learning and enjoy the experience, even math, which I respect but don't get along well with.  That's about it for me, so if you'd like to know more about me, be sure to look for me during my office hours and around the front desk at Grasso, or stop me as I'm passing by in a hallway on either campus.  I always enjoy seeing a friendly face, so don't hesitate to say hello!  Here's to a great year, and remember: nothing's impossible unless you believe it is!
Lexi Fonda photo 







Here at WCSU, I am a sophomore studying Music Education.  I am mainly a singer, and I enjoy performing practically very genre!  And when I'm not working, I like to take care of my nails, play video games, and see my friends.

My sincere hope is to provide my residents with the support and skills they need to be the exemplary students I know they all can be.

Jamie Maitland






Hello everyone, my name is Jamie Maitland and this is my third year as an ARM. I am a junior nursing student and I plan on working with kids after I graduate.  I am hoping this year is filled with happiness and fun.  My last two years as an ARM have been successful, and I plan on keeping that pattern going. 

I love watching Netflix and funny YouTube clips, so if there is something in particular that you believe I may enjoy, please let me know and maybe we can watch it together sometime.  I plan on being more physically active - that is a huge goal of mine, so please invite me to the gym! I have been to Zumba a couple of times and I really enjoy it, so let me know if you would like to go sometime.

I decided to become an ARM because I love to help others in any way that I possibly can.  There is more to college than just academics, and my ARM position helped me to understand that.  Balancing academics and a social life isn't always the easiest task. However, it is possible, but you must have confidence in yourself.  Instead of saying "I can't," say "I can" and your optimism will take you a long way.  Please feel free to knock on my door if you need help with anything academic-related, or even if you just want to talk.  I plan on making this year a great one.
Ruth Williams photo


Ruth Williams



Hello Everyone!  I am the new ARM of Pinney Hall (C52).  I am a Nursing and Biology major (yes, both).  I am also an honors student in the Honors Program.  I can help with almost all biology and nursing classes with some chemistry courses, too.  What I don't know, I will find out for you.  All this keeps me busy, but I will make sure to make time for you.  I will also enact the OPEN DOOR POLICY so you can come to my room (when I'm not at the front desk) during my office hours for any needed help!  Let's start the semester off strong!
Qin Lin photo






Hello everyone! My name is Qin Lin.  You can call me Seven (Yes, like number 7). I am an accounting major and going to be a junior this fall. Watching movies and listening to music are my favorite things to do. I am excited to be an ARM at Pinney, and I will always be there for you guys when you need me. : )

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