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Clean Access

Clean Access Agent helps ensure that only authorized users can connect to ResNet and that their computers are safe for the network. In our efforts to improve the ResNet process, we have upgraded our servers to incorporate more features and less paperwork. Since almost every residence hall room is equipped with an activated data jack, you simply plug in and you're ready to go. [further overview]

Computers on Campus

University Computing provides general computing facilities on both of WestConn's campuses at no charge to the members of the university community. 100% of WestConn's classrooms that are suited for it are equipped with instructional technology. [further overview]

Remote Access

Remote Access allows students, faculty, and staff to connect to authorized network drives. [further overview]


ResNet allows students in the residence halls to connect to the University’s local area network and the Internet via the Cisco Clean Access Agent. [further overview]

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing technology offers exciting possibilities for the university community. When properly executed, it can enhance collaboration, facilitate teambuilding and personalize relationships with remote individuals and groups. Because of the potential that videoconferencing offers for enhancing the educational experience, there is a great deal of interest in what capabilities are currently available.

Voice Telecommunications

Voice Telecommunications services are provided collaboratively by Connecticut State University System Office (CSUSO) and WestConn Information Technology & Innovation Personnel.

Wireless at WestConn

Many areas of both campuses are Wireless hotspots. Currently, those areas are located primarily in and around Administrative buildings, with plans to implement in the residence halls soon. [further overview]


Trouble with Clean Access (ResNet)?

If you are having trouble installing Clean Access on your machine, ...  [read more ...]

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