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Service Opportunities

Midnight Run
    Caring for the Homeless
            New York City

    ~ Fall semester
         Saturday, November 22nd into Sunday, November 23rd
                       Contact:  Allison Vas, vas004@connect.wcsu.edu


Justice Awareness
    Step into the World
New York City

~ Spring semester
                        Contact:    Robert Reilly, reilly072@connect.wcsu.edu

 Aim:    To actively engage and inform students with international issues and the
                   work of Franciscans International at the United Nations.  This "Step into
                    the World" is a hands on personal approach to the United Nations
                    through dialogue about globalization and other topics specific
                    international issues.

Alternative Winter Break
Jamaica, West Indies

Winter break
Contact:    Robert Reilly, reilly072@connect.wcsu.edu

Aim:    To expose students to the poverty and need in another country and empower
                   students to do what they can to assist their neighbors. This 10 day trip
                   allows students the opportunity to experience another culture while
                    volunteering their time and energy in impoverished schools to assist
                    those desperately less fortunate than themselves.